What is Git ?

In order to make it more easier to understand, we can break Git as :

Revision * History * Branches * Merges

Control * Content Tracker/Tracking Files

System * Persistent Mapper : Maps keys to values

Four Areas of Git

  • Working Area -> Its a place where we keep our current files on which we are about to work.
  • Repository -> Contains entire history of Project
  • Index Area -> Intermediate area, a place where we put our files before commit
  • Stash -> Temporary storage area

Types of Command

Git has two types of Command

$ git help -a
  • Porcelain Commands
    Things with which user interacts and gets work done.

    • git add
    • git commit
    • git push
    • git pull
    • git branch ...
  • Plumbing Commands (Low level Commands)
    Things which git uses interanally to get things done.

    • git cat-file
    • git hash-objects
    • git count-objects
    • ....

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